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Update May 10, 2021


Product Update Blog Post

  • Fixed issues where cards that had not been yet authed were treated as failed for display purposes
  • Auto selected gross for "pm will pay channel fees" setting
  • Fixed sorting by id on inbox history used old id
  • Fixed portal user with no properties error on holidays
  • Fixed review grid N+1 loading bookings
  • Fixed booking "Booked" date filter excluding to date
  • Exposed property photo slider via javascript window variable
  • Fixed HomeToGo bookings created with RequestToBook mode
  • Fixed "Added" filter on guests grid
  • Reduced contention on QuickBooks sync tracking fields
  • Added spinner for feedback while property search is executing on hosted websites and widgets
  • Added Conversation link on Inquiry
  • Fixed issue on new triggers not firing until the next day
  • Fixed hosted site headers with My Email to show from email instead of account login
  • Validated that max adults and max children are less than max guests
  • Fixed integration dupe check to use case insensitive match
  • Changed SmokyMountains to IB only
  • Hid Yes button on reset to property rates if it would cause an error
  • Removed inquiry email address instruction from Houfy
  • Added link to the RA template in booking Legal signed RA table
  • Sanitized discount code off if it's not discount code mode
  • Added CBs grid on Settings > Channel Bridge
  • Added Property links on the PM -> Configuration Dashboard
  • Say "discount" for all negative surcharges on rate testers