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Update April 12, 2023


  • Implement Turno partnership link
  • Add TikTok as a social network link under theming
  • Ask for coming from software name on intro page of onboarding wizard
  • Allow HTMLish in Contact Us form
  • Groundwork for Airbnb Transactions API
  • Groundwork data prep for Vrbo Messaging
  •  Fixes:
    • Allow BUS access for quote-based channels like GoLightly
    • Method to get Stripe bank details without extra permissions
    • Handle empty Tags column on booking/guest import
    • Longer timeout on CB for Vrbo payment reports
    • Change Booking.com to push availability starting yesterday at property time zone
    • Fix error on blog post grid and on hosted site when lots of long blog posts
    • Check the right timestamps on layout push service
    • Back channel taxes out of CB Vrbo refunds on canceled
    • Fix css style on hosted carousel
    • Fix error on reviews import with no listing site
    • Fix error when publishing an Airbnb listing that already has address locked, but we thought it was a brand new listing