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Update May 24, 2023


  • Implement SMS Sole Proprietor Campaigns (BETA)
  • Move lat/long to api v2/properties endpoint
  • Fixed host fee display on booking overview tab wasn't updating
  • Fixed unicode characters in messages could cause guest body snippet to fail
  • Skip surcharge/discount in Houfy rate feed when it should never apply based on criteria
  • Respond to API Quote Tests with a 400 error instead of a 500 error if the details are not quotable
  • Don't include autogenerated range descriptions for surcharges on long stays to avoid description limit issues
  • Fix broken link in Card Processing History Deposit column
  • Fix guest selected check payment method isn't saved
  • Handle case where Airbnb property is disconnected from API but user is still connected
  • Don't generate door lock codes for quote hold blocks
  • Don't try to create door codes for a booking that will be canceled
  • Remove Yahoo Maps from property location and field codes/messaging