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Update March 29, 2021


Product Update Blog Post

  • Fixed issue where hosted page hero unit setting wasn't correctly falling through to the site
  • Added mention of the Wordpress Plugin on the Pricing Page
  • Added FindRentals as a first class channel (now in beta)
  • Enhanced Houfy channel connection to support one-touch inquiry flow
  • Added inquiry parsing for custom headers
  • Renamed guest balance merge fields to guest transaction to clarify usage
  • Fixed issue where gap night rule wasn't overriding weekend night rule
  • Fixed roll-in shower amenity description to include the hyphen
  • Fixed issue with Converge gateway XML communication
  • Added booking export to Excel in same format as import
  • Clarified messaging on channel bridge page when some properties are API and some are not
  • Added support for arbitrary redirects to hosted sites
  • Shortened some very long field codes