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Separating or Merging Guest Records

OwnerRez' Guests system allows the same guest to be associated with multiple inquiries, quotes, and bookings.  That makes it easy for you to identify repeat guests and be extra nice to them.

But we all make mistakes. What do you do if you accidentally associate a new inquiry with an existing guest, when in reality it was someone else with, say, the same name? Or what if you have two separate contact information records for the same guest?

Separating Guest Records

You need to go through each of those bookings and split them out to the correct new guest.  To do that, open the booking and click Guest Record > Associate with different guest:

Type in the name of the new guest and select the "+Add" option:

That will open a larger window and let you fill in any other details you want (email, phone, address).

Click "Create Guest & Use" button at the bottom. The system will create a new, standalone guest record (with the new information) and link the current booking with the new guest record.

Merging Guest Records

In the Contacts section, select the Guests that you want to merge. And click on Merge.

Merge Guests

You'll be taken to a new page, where you can again review the details of the Guests you wish to merge. Click on Merge.

Merge Guests

The system will merge all selected guest records and this page will appear (in this case a quote and an inquiry).

Guest Merge Successful