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Update June 21, 2022


  • Bump up card verify amounts for additional currencies
  • Fix ordering issue on tax summary report causing doubled number of nights calc
  • Update help link on Lynnbrook Classic
  • Fix issue with book widget showing "PropertyKeyx" in label
  • Decrease Airbnb delayed review delay time to 3 minutes
  • Schedule secdep on new card form if in auto payments mode even if there are no payments
  • Truncate Airbnb short description following their new 500 character limit starting in July
  • Vrbo property table & Excel, only include properties on that API connection
  • Add air messaging channel request for RA when first Air channel is added
  • Don't copy discount codes in season copy forward
  • Add iCal booking flag for booking.com
  • Fix booking.com able to map hotel id to room id
  • Don't deduct linen fee from cleaning for special offers
  • Add credit card only rule to property
  • Add redirect after booking URL for property/quotes
  • Add icon and name for custom payment methods
  • Fix layout for date pickers in PM Batch Updates
  • Block payment/refund/secdep run pages when in automatic payments mode
  • More cleanly handle statement gen when a booking moves to different owner, if booking already appeared on statements
  • For templates with attachments that are links, don't send a separate second Airbnb message just for the attachment URL
  • Fix QuickBooks Online bulk update messaging RE timing
  • Add a cancellation fee surcharge so expenses can be attached automatically
  • Track the channel all the way through to booking on OLB quotes
  • Make commission % be free-entry input box instead of drop-down
  • Fix paste of merge field link from support article
  • Rework Air early bird, last minute, and custom discounts to push rules with strikethrough prices vs. rolling into rate
  • Add view selector on property photos
  • Track payment details on CSE's
  • Simplify Airbnb tax logic when using multiple types of taxes
  • Add support for pushing Contains Holiday: No to Airbnb and Vrbo
  • Add Channel Default Rate Setting under Pricing Preferences