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Update July 19, 2021


  • Slathered more fields and tags on stay reports
  • On QuickBooks sync, set class on invoice as well as line items
  • Added expense status column to expense detail report
  • Fixed orez.io feeds errors
  • Fixed issue where added rates didn't immediately update to channels
  • Fixed error when upgrading to Stripe Connect
  • Fixed changing property on rate calendar doesn't clear selection
  • Fixed lookup on channel messages where send history was retentioned
  • Don't confirm door code gen if there is none yet
  • Fixed BCRE merge field to render in user time zone
  • Fixed issue with manually sending triggered message not including attachment
  • Validate prededuct owner exclusion on expense import
  • Added spacing for attachment links on SMS/Air
  • Fixed case where a second SMS/Air template couldn't be sent after sending the first one
  • Friendly message on SA merge when unmergable
  • Added transaction for property rules update
  • Support the channel orp numbers on imports in addition to the straight one
  • Don't turn off change scope for property import (Excel or Air/Vrbo)
  • Added validation for card type even for Stripe
  • Slathered more fields and tags on stay reports
  • Don't show UNPAID badge on invoices that were covered by a credit
  • Don't store bad Stripe tokenized card on the new card form
  • When importing channel bridge, always update guest counts