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Update June 21, 2023


  • Added "Read-only access" permission option for team access staff member users
  • Added more permissions for portal team users (booking files, detailed financials)
  • Added newly supported currencies to Stripe integration (AFN, AZN, BYN, MGA, MZN, RON, RSD, SLE, SRD, ZMW)
  • Send webhook failure notice to oauth app developers only after the final (10th) webhook attempt
  • Fixed SMS X-Ray javascript error
  • Prefill default data for Property import Excel template
  • iCal should respond with an HTTP 404 error code if user account is closed
  • Changing a custom field used in a property description now triggers a channel sync
  • If there are no reviews, don't set up hosted site "Product" metadata for Google crawler
  • Fixed hosted site blog posts from rendering two H1 tags
  • Redirect portal login attempts to the standard login if non-portal user credentials
  • Several improvements around Airbnb listing publishing and rate push
  • New filters on Oauth app webhooks list
  • Fixed portal users cannot see tags when they should be able to
  • Improvements to Team access user interface (staff and portal)
  • Added direct-link anchors to our support video page
  • Enhance OwnerRez Blog comments to match the tooling of OwnerRez Forums replies
  • Added "Broken Link Protection" to hosted websites
  • Split Serbia vs Montenegro in country list
  • Fixed error on QuickBooks Online property settings when missing rent item
  • Show password field on lock again if needed
  • Look for booking correctly when finding Air other account thread
  • Door code generated should be deleted when booking is canceled
  • Fixed host fee not updating on Airbnb transaction API
  • Allow using raw card billing info on multiple Stripe accounts even if it was originally sourced from Vrbo 3DS token
  • Consider bunk bed as 2 beds for Airbnb bed total
  • Handle missing surcharge in Airbnb channel rate tester
  • Added a friendly message on attempting to register WP plugin with a non-external site token