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Tag Groups

When you create a Tag, you have the option of adding it to a "Group." Groups are used as part of the search bar for OwnerRez Hosted websites with multiple properties.

For example, you may have properties on a lake and others which are in the mountains. You could create Tags called  and  and assign those to specific properties. Then create and place those property tags in a Group named "Location".

Maybe you want to create Groups for specific Amenities, Experiences, Guests or Locations as shown below?

Tags and tag group creation are only limited by your imagination. Let's learn more about Tag Groups below.

Create Tag Groups

First, you create the Group by going to Tags OR Settings > Workflow & Devices > Tags. Click on the Groups tab and then select Create Group.

In the example below, we are going to create a Group named Guests. Click on Save.

Now you will see that we have four groups but notice ethat we have no tags associated with our Guests group as shown below.

Set Tag Groups

Assign Individual Tags to a Group

Once you've created the Groups you want, you can place individual Tags in those groups.

From the main Tags screen, select the Tag you want to add to a group, such as the   tag that we want to add to the Experiences Group. The Change Tag window will open where you can click on the Group drop down list to select a Group and click on Save.

The individual tag can also be deleted on this page as shown below.

Assign Several Tags to a Group

Or, if you've made a bunch of Tags, you can use the main Tags page to quickly assign several of them to the same Group.

Notice in the example below that the tags  and  have information in the Tag title about the guests but no Group information. Let's add both Tags to the Guests Group. You can accomplish this by selecting the checkbox to the left of each tag and clicking on Set Group.

In the Group Tags pop up, from the drop down list, select the desired Group, in this case Guests

Click on Save Tags.

In the image below, you will see that both  and  have now been added to the Guests Group.