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Update November 15, 2021


  • Added Video option for property photos on hosted website
  • Passed channel customer IP to card processor for Vrbo channel bookings
  • Added a couple more PM statement view categories
  • Included $0 bookings in owner statements as long as they haven't been included in a statement before
  • Reworked cancellation screen
  • Changed booking.com scheduled payment for fixed amount to use remaining balance if possible
  • Added Airbnb message alert
  • Cleared photo association when deleted
  • Disallowed using feed mapping for direct sync
  • Added SMS Segment calculator support article
  • More accurately counted SMS messages with poor encoding
  • Fixed skipped trigger message doesn't say Skipped
  • Clarified confusing LQA error on missing rate
  • Fixed Hosted Websites single property example broken link
  • Processed "remaining balance" transactions last
  • Fixed Surcharge delete button on surcharge page
  • Fixed data handling for large numbers on report graphs
  • Don't show min days rule on rate calendar if it is 0
  • Smoothed switching property to different channel
  • Fixed typo on the Unpublish Listings page in the info box area
  • Clarified property info room descriptions
  • Smoothed new listing discount for new listings
  • Enhanced file type detection for uploads
  • When a pending booking is auto canceled, delete all of the charges, expenses, guest fees
  • Make owner statement export use dynamic columns based on views
  • Honor system message settings on inline email checkboxes