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Facebook Chat Plugin

The Facebook Chat Plugin is no longer available. On May 9, 2024, Facebook Messenger discontinued the Chat Plugin.

Once you have your OwnerRez Hosted Website set up, you may want to offer more ways for potential guests or guests to contact you. Using the Facebook Chat Plugin is one method that can help you generate bookings by supporting customers while they browse your website. With the Chat Plugin, powered by Meta's Facebook Messenger, you can provide personalized assistance — and it's free. If you have a Facebook Business Page for your rental(s), you start by setting up the Chat Plugin. 

There are three steps to complete the installation. First, you will set up Chat Plugin from your Facebook Page, then add the Chat Plugin code to your OwnerRez Hosted Website, and finally, you can head back to your Facebook Chat Plugin to customize the look and feel of your Chat Plugin.

Set up Chat Plugin from your Facebook Page

1. Navigate to your Facebook Business Page's Inbox
2. Click on the Settings gear icon3. Click Settings > View all settings4. Under Inbox Settings, click Chat Plugin
5. Next to Set up your Chat Plugin, click Set up
6. Pick a setup method - for your OwnerRez hosted site, select Standard7. Choose your preferred language from the Set Language dropdown list. Click Save & continue
8. Add your URL domain by clicking on Add domain. Click Save & continue9. Copy the code by clicking on Copy code for pasting to your OwnerRez Hosted Website. Click on Next10. You will have the opportunity to have Facebook email you instructions for adding the Chat Plugin to your website, but we have added specific instructions for your OwnerRez Hosted Website in the next section. Click on Finish.

Add the Code to Your OwnerRez Hosted Website

1. Go to your OwnerRez Hosted Website and select the website you wish to add the Chat Plugin to. Click on Theme & Layout.
2. Click on Head for the Header.
3. Paste the code that you copied from your Facebook Chat Plugin Setup (#9 in the previous section).
Customize your Chat Plugin

1. Head back over to your Facebook Page to finalize the customization of your Chat Plugin. Under Automations, you can add Away Hours and customize a Greeting.2. You can customize a Welcome Message and add Frequently asked questions (FAQs) by clicking on the pen icons.3. Under Customize Your Chat Plugin, you can toggle the Guest chat option and Choose a preset color option that complements your brand.4. Under the Chat button, you can control the look and feel of the Button Display and Icon style.5. Select your Chat button text and the Prominence of the appearance of your Chat Plugin on your website from the dropdown lists. Select your Chat button size for both Desktop and Mobile.6. Choose your Chat window size and Position to control where your Chat will be positioned on your website.

You're now ready to live chat!