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Custom iCal Links

To share information with staff or update your calendar app, you can create custom iCal links. Custom iCal links allow adding additional details to the booking events.

Steps to create a custom iCal link:

1. Go to Properties and select the property you want to create a custom iCal link for.

2. On the left sidebar, select Calendars, then Calendar Export.

3. To create a new iCal link, click Export Calendar.

4. Now you can select all the parameters you would like set for this custom iCal, then click save.

Setting summary and description parameters:

When creating a custom iCal, setting the name, items to include and location are pretty straight forward. The summary and description is much more customizable, and you can select between two options. If you select "Generate automatically based on what I select below", you can select what you'd like to include and OwnerRez will automatically generate that information for you.

The second option is "I'll define using field codes". This lets you add any information you'd like to the booking and block-off time, summary and description. 

You can type anything into each section and add field codes to pull in specific information.

Example: You want to include the guests name, email and phone number. These are the field codes you would include in the booking summary and description sections:

You can also click the Prefill button at the top to add the default information. This may help give you an idea of what you'd like to include.

You can click the Preview button at the top to view what information will be pulled in, based on bookings or blocks of time you already have on your calendar.

Sending the custom iCal link:

Once you have created the custom iCal link, you will want to send out the link. To do so, copy the iCal link and send it to your staff, cleaner, etc. Once the recipient receives the iCal link, they will need to add it to their own calendar app. (Google calendar, Apple calendar, etc.) Once they have done that, the iCal feed will continually be updated if a new booking or block-off time is added to your OwnerRez calendar.