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Update January 27, 2023


  • Add from/to to guests API query options
  • Add API query parameter descriptions missing from docs
  • Fix issue where v2/owners API could return an error converting an owner phone
  • Add in-app and www links to status page
  • Fix issue where creating cancellation fee saves showing raw code
  • Add timezone to dates in iCal to fix import fails for Outlook
  • Apply sticky bottom/footer to form actions save/cancel button row
  • Include check-in/check-out times in booking and quote added alerts and highlight non-standard times
  • When pushing check-in/check-out times to Airbnb which supports whole hours only, round pessimistically from OwnerRez times
  • When parsing check-in/check-out times for Airbnb quotes/bookings, apply property time if less strict or if late check-in/early check-out
  • Fix issue with Brivo and PointCentral integrations with "code works all day" departure grace period setting ending the code at 00:00 instead of 23:59
  • Cap property max nights rule at 1100