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Door Locks - Common Issues & Questions

OwnerRez can automatically generate codes for many types of door locks, including numeric sequences and WiFi locks. Each time a booking is created, OwnerRez will automatically set the door lock code without you lifting a finger! 

This article lists common questions and answers about Door Locks that are not covered elsewhere.

Many questions will be covered on your specific door lock integration. Learn more by reading the Door Locks Overview and Technical and Functional Differences support articles. If you haven't read those first be sure to do that.

How do I view each guest's code?

You can see the Door Codes set on individual bookings on the Booking Overview > General Info > Door Code. Other options exist for Generate, Sync, etc., so you can change the code or resync to the lock.

Booking > Overview > General Info > Door Code

When and how do I send door codes to my guests?

When you send door codes to your guests is entirely up to you. Some hosts sent that information 7-10 days prior to arrival, while other hosts send that information the day of arrival. That choice is up to you!

See our Before the guest arrives section of the Trigger Examples support article to learn more about how to create your own guest arrival templates and triggers.

Can I configure my door lock codes to be the last 4 numbers of the guest phone number?

Yes. During your Door Lock Configuration process, you can select how the door lock code is generated in the Code Generation > Generate How section and select Last 4 digits (or up to 10 numbers) of the guest's phone number. 

You can change that by navigating to Settings > Workflow & Devices > Door Locks > your Door Lock Integration > Change > Code Generation > Generate How > Use the guest's phone number.

Or you can edit your door lock integration by navigating to Settings > Workflow & Devices > Door Locks > your Door Lock Integration > Change > Code Generation > Generate How > and select the desired number of digits of the guest's phone number. 

Why aren't my door codes displayed in my upcoming reservations for my new door lock integration?

Following a new door lock integration, door codes are not automatically added to existing upcoming reservations. Follow the instructions in the Batch Update Codes on Multiple Bookings section to add codes to your existing reservations.

Once your lock integration is in place, all bookings at that property (i.e., the property configured in the lock integration) will begin to show a "Door Code" field on the booking. If a code was generated, it will show the code value right next to it. There are other options there for Generate, Sync, etc. so that you can change the code or resync to the lock.

See the Code Generation and the Booking Side of the Door Locks Overview support article for a detailed explanation.

Can I adjust the check-in and check-out times for each individual guest?

Check-in and check-out times are handled at the property level but you can adjust both check-in and check-out times on individual bookings, and the door code times will be adjusted accordingly.

To adjust the check-in and/or check-out times for an individual guest, navigate to that specific Booking > Overview > Change/Move > and adjust the Check-in Time and/or the Check-out Time and Save.

See the Check-in & Check-out support article for more information.

Is there a "grace period" added to check-in and check-out times?

Depending on the door lock integration, you may be able to set a "grace period" on your door lock integration platform directly. The default grace period added in OwnerRez is 1 hour. See the Check-In/Check-Out and Arrival/departure Grace Period section of the Door Locks Overview support article for more information about how grace periods are handled in OwnerRez.

Why is OwnerRez generating my door lock codes at the time of booking? Can I change that?

When you set up your Door Lock Integration, you were able to determine when the booking door lock Code Generation occurs. By default, it is set to "at booking time" which means the code is assigned and sent to the lock as soon as the booking occurs, even if the booking is 6 months in the future. 

You can change that by navigating to Settings > Workflow & Devices > Door Locks > your Door Lock Integration > Change > Code Generation > Generate When > select when you'd like to have the door code generated.

Settings > Workflow & Devices > Door Locks > your Door Lock Integration > Change > Code Generation > Generate When

Can I configure the same code for more than one lock on my property?

Yes. You can create two or more different locks and associate them with the same property, even if "generate a random number" is selected in the Code Generation section.

A small caveat on this... If the locks have different code lengths, the longer ones would get trimmed. For instance, if the front and back door of your property both have a Schlage lock but one has a max length of 4 digits and the other is 8 digits, then the door lock code will get trimmed to 4 on the one lock. That may look like the other locks are using different numbers because OwnerRez auto-trimmed it to 4 digits, but it will start with the same door lock code and try to set that in both locks.

Can I assign one lock to multiple properties?

Yes. All lock integrations, whether OR powered or third-party, have a list of door locks, and each can be assigned or associated with multiple "properties" in OwnerRez.

Once your door lock integration is connected and mapped, you'll see the door lock code displayed on every booking, along with its own codes based on your code generation settings.

Is there a limit to the number of door codes I can have configured?

The number of door code limits is set by your specific door lock hardware. Generally, they are limited to 100 codes but could vary by model.

Worried that your property will get too close to that code limit? You can always change your Generate When setting to "A number of days before arrival" to help you deal with it.

I have multiple units behind a gate and need each guest per unit to have the same lock code for the gate. Can this be configured?

Yes, depending on your specific door lock integration, you should be able to configure your "gate" as a common door.

If you map the single gate lock to each property in question, then select either the "Use Guest Phone Number" or the "I will manually set the code" option in the Generate How section, then each lock will get the same code as long as each lock is using the same code length.If you use the "Generate Random Code" setting, we cannot guarantee each lock would get the same random code, particularly if the code fails to set on one of the locks and the system has to retry setting the code; it may regenerate a new random code.

When are my door lock codes "deleted?"

Integrated door lock codes are generally deleted following the end of any grace period setting.

My guest is checking in soon and I'm receiving an error for their door code. Help!

Try to resync the door lock code. It's always best practice to keep a couple of  "Backup Codes" in your Door Lock Integration for situations like this. Some users name these door codes something like "Today" or "Backup." Unfortunately, you cannot generate backup door lock codes for manual locks, only integrated door locks.

Can I integrate my Google Nest x Yale Lock with one of OwnerRez's door lock integrations?

No. OwnerRez is not aware of any of our partners that support Google Nest (Nest x Yale) locks. It's not a partner issue; it's Google's openness to doing so.

Here is the full overview list of our lock integrations. You're welcome to reach out to our door lock integration partners to see what they know.