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Stripe - The "process payments unsafely" Setting

Obsolete - Stripe "Process payments unsafely" Setting No Longer Required!

Instead, we recommend reading up on 3-D Secure 2.0 (3DS2) and what it means for accepting payments in certain regions.

For the new Stripe payment method, and existing Stripe payment methods which have been upgraded, the "process payments unsafely" setting is no longer required.

Not sure if your payment method has been upgraded? You can check by going to Settings > Payment Methods and selecting your Stripe payment method. If you see the "Upgrade to Stripe Connect" button, you are not yet upgraded. Click the button to finish the upgrade.

Stripe recently added a setting called "process payments unsafely" and some new Stripe accounts have that turned off by default.

While this sounds like an ominous setting to turn on, it actually is perfectly safe if you're using OwnerRez, and it's something we require in order to use Stripe as a credit card processor.

Why Does It Have to be Turned On?

OwnerRez stores and manages credit card information on behalf of its merchants (customers like you!).  We do this for a variety of business processes like automatic scheduled payments, automatic scheduled security deposits and more.  We also do this so that you can switch processors (eg. away from Stripe to someone else) any time you want without having to run around to all your guests and ask them for new credit card information.

But Stripe Says It's "Unsafe" and There Are Better Options!

Stripe is incorrectly painting all integrators with a broad brush here.  It isn't unsafe if you're using a PCI compliant vendor like OwnerRez.  OwnerRez is not only fully PCI compliant, but our systems have undergone a specific design to align with PCI best practices.  We are also PCI certified and can supply that documentation at any time - just ask for it via the Helpdesk.  We encrypt and store credit card information exactly the same way that Stripe does and use the same secure protocols that they do when using it.

Stripe recommends tokenization as its preferred integration method, but that locks you into using them as your processor indefinitely.  We built OwnerRez to be vendor agnostic and we integrate with more than 20 processors and gateways.  We want you to be able to seamlessly change processors at a moment's notice without having to do a lot of hard work.

How To Turn It On

If you process a live credit card on your account and you get a decline with this message:

"Sending credit card numbers directly to Stripe API is generally unsafe"

This means you need to turn on the "process payments unsafely" settings in Stripe. To do that, login to your Stripe dashboard and search for "Integration" in the top bar to go to the Settings > Integration section. Or use this direct link to get there: https://dashboard.stripe.com/account/integration/settings.

Once in the Integration section, expand the "Show advanced options" and select "Handle card information directly".

A small dialog box will open and ask you a series of questions.  Select each checkbox and then select "Someone else built my Stripe integration" from the drop-down.  Enter "OwnerRez.com" as the vendor and then click the Process button.  Your answers should resemble the picture below.

After this saves, Stripe will tell you that you need to verify your phone number -- do that as well. Having a verified phone number is a good practice.

Why Is Stripe Now Requiring This?

It's hard to say why Stripe added this and even harder to explain why they worded it this way (ie. stigmatizing it as "unsafe").

If integrators like OwnerRez have demonstrated PCI compliance and technical competency at integration (which we have), there is nothing "unsafe" about passing credit cards via secure protocols.  In fact, Stripe themselves uses the very same secure protocols and PCI regulations that OwnerRez does when they interface with interchange and the cardholders' banks.

To be honest, we believe Stripe is making this new policy for vendor lock-in and not safety.  If we used Stripe's proprietary tokenization system, it would be impossible for our users to switch to a different processor.  You'd have to contact all of your guests and ask them to enter their credit card numbers again.  The way we've built OwnerRez, you are never locked into using one vendor whether they're a credit card processor or marketing channel or anything else.  That's why we went through all the work of becoming PCI compliance - so that users could switch credit card processors seamlessly.  This move by Stripe appears to be a way to scare users into staying with their tokenization system which, in turn, makes it very difficult to ever switch away from them.

Will OwnerRez Ever Support Stripe's Tokenization System?

As stated above, Stripe's tokenization does not provide additional security beyond what OwnerRez does because OwnerRez itself has internal tokenization.  And beyond that, we are also skeptical of locking our users into staying with Stripe forever (see previous section).

If all of this information doesn't persuade you and the word "unsafe" is just too jolting to reckon with, we encourage you to drop Stripe as a processor and switch to one of the many others we support.  There are a variety of good options.

I'm also using Stripe with another system that does support tokenization, will this setting break that?

No.  Turning on the "process payments unsafely" setting simply allows Stripe to accept credit card information directly.  It doesn't also prevent the tokenization method from being used at the same time.