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Manual Modes

Normally, when API integrated, the API integration will manage all changes you'd make to a booking's property, dates, charges, or transactions. This does not apply to the Vrbo API integration as for Vrbo, OwnerRez will be the system of record and all changes will be made in OwnerRez. But for all other channels such as Airbnb, Booking.com, TripAdvisor, etc, you'll normally make changes to the booking on the channel and then those updates will be synced across to OwnerRez.

However, in some cases you'll want to un-link the booking from some or all of the channel updates and manage it yourself -- maybe the channel doesn't allow making the update you want to make, or you need to move it around for a different reason. Manual modes let you do this. There are three different types of manual modes:

When a booking is in one or more of these manual modes, we'll still receive updates from the channel. But instead of applying them to the booking, we'll send an email to you about the change.  You can apply the change manually, or not apply it at all, depending on what's needed - nothing will be changed automatically when a booking is in manual mode.

If you're using the PM module, also be aware of the PM Lock on a booking -- PM lock can cause charge or transaction changes not to be applied even if the booking isn't technically in manual mode.

Manual Charges

Normally, charges are updated automatically by API channel updates (and Channel Bridge updates if you're using Channel Bridge). These charges are locked and you can't edit them. If you need to edit the charges in a different way, or to keep the auto update from happening for a given booking in general:

  1. Go to the Charges tab of the booking
  2. Click the "Change Charges" button
  3. Use the "Convert to Manual Charges" button to convert to manual mode.

Once you do this, then any channel-locked charges will become fully editable, and API updates and Channel Bridge updates will not update the booking any longer.

Note that payments will still be updated during Channel Bridge or API updates even if the booking is in Manual Charges mode -- as long as it's not also in Manual Transactions mode (see below).

Manual Transactions

For Booking.com API and for Vrbo API bookings that are pending and have not yet been successfully booked and charged, the system will automatically manage the payments. If you want to manage the payments yourself:

  1. Go to the Channel tab of the booking
  2. Use the Convert to Manual Payments button to convert to manual mode.

Once you go to manual transactions mode, it's up to you to execute any payments or refunds yourself.

Manual Calendar

Normally, the calendar is managed automatically by the API channel. If you need to move dates, move property, or cancel/reactivate the booking, you should do that on the channel and it'll be updated into OwnerRez. Sometimes, though, the channel doesn't support the change you need to make. If you want to manage the calendar yourself:

  1. Go to the Channel tab of the booking
  2. Next to the calendar setting, click the "Unlink from channel" button

Or you can go to the Move page, and the system will give you the option to unlink the calendar there:

Once you switch to manual calendar mode, OwnerRez will not update the booking based on any updates from the channel. OwnerRez will still push the availability for the booking to all channels based on the changes you make in OwnerRez.

Reverting Manual Mode

What happens if you change your mind, and want to re-link a Manual Mode booking to the API?

At present - tough luck, you can't.  :-(  Disconnecting a given booking from the API by placing it in manual mode causes complex changes in how OwnerRez handles it going forward, which are not possible to reverse or rebuild because of whatever events may have occurred in between.