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ECBYO guide

Our Channel Management feature is extremely powerful and can greatly simplify your channel advertising. Learn how it works by reading our Channel Management overview article.  A core part of our Channel Management is the Calendar Import/Export process which keeps your OwnerRez calendar in sync with channel calendars.

This article provides a walk-through guide for configuring a calendar export for Emerald Coast By Owner (ECBYO).  You only need a calendar export for ECBYO. There is no way to import a calendar from ECBYO because they don't provide one, and you don't need one anyway since ECBYO doesn't take bookings on their platform. As with most regional/local listing sites, ECBYO inquiries will come to you (or into OwnerRez) directly for booking.

Exporting calendar to ECBYO

Go to ECBYO.com and log in.  It should show you the owner dashboard by default.  From there, click the Manage Rates/Calendar link next to the property you want to work on.

Once the calendar loads, scroll down beneath the calendar, and you'll see a gray bar labeled "Import iCal (Internet Calendar) Link".  Click the arrow on the right side of it to expand it.

In the resulting section that opens, there is a Your iCal Link field that needs to be filled in with a calendar export link from OwnerRez.  To get that link, do the following...

In a new browser tab, while leaving open the current window, going into OwnerRez and go to Settings > Channels > Calendar Import/Export and click the Export tab.  A list of your OwnerRez properties will show with an export link next to each one.

Find the property you are currently working on and copy the export link for that property.  Go back to the ECBYO window and paste the export link from OwnerRez into the Calendar URL field.  Then click the Save button.

If you have any questions about calendar exporting, read our general overview on configuring calendar exports or consult the Common Issues & Questions support article.


Question: Is there a way to run a report that estimates the total price/taxes for an upcoming date? Example: Let’s say a guest wants to know the total price for certain dates in the future.

Answer: You can create a quote in OwnerRez for them: https://www.ownerrez.com/support/articles/inquiries-quotes-and-bookings-overview

Question: When someone wants to book, is there a way to do so directly through OwnerRez? What do I send the prospective guest?

Answer: Yes, the quoting mechanism described above.