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Update March 27, 2024


  • Google Vacation Rentals:
    • Fallback to global landing page if hosted site not configured for website URL in listing metadata
    • Show error details on property mapping page when image sizes are blocking property
    • Extra Guest Charges set to correct approved application setting on date ranges
    • Global landing page should show correct number of reviews
  • Add Google Analytics and Facebook tracking to new guest booking forms (and global landing page)
  • Property URLs for hosted site widgets will generate valid links for "Show All on First Load" correctly
  • Introduce processing delay on Vrbo threads to guarantee message thread will be available on Vrbo side
  • Show Airbnb channel details on deposit failed alert if applicable
  • Calculate commission on channel fee expenses when payment/refund fee is set
  • Send to Airbnb contact threads for all entities
  • Fix duplicate deposit creation for Airbnb payouts without corresponding external IDs
  • Decrease execution time of calendar sync service
  • Always save Trigger retry settings
  • Airbnb remerge threads contact thread on booking
  • Remove duplicate errors and warnings for Vrbo currency Listing Quality Analyzer
  • Import Lynnbrook reversals as refunds
  • Tax reports detail columns match selection criteria accurately
  • Reviews grid for missing last name of Airbnb users will use guest name
  • Fix bug causing phone numbers to not save on quick Find Or Create Guest pop-up form
  • Hubitat Lock Integration Private Beta Coming Soon
    • Fix door code being put in a non-fatal error state when daily sync service ran