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Update March 30, 2023


  • Allow SMS messages to be sent even while Brand is pending
  • Add all channels to selector on LQA
  • Polish new Guides area
  • Fixes
    • Treat a Vrbo channel bridge canceled booking with total 0 charges as a full refund even if there's not a refund yet
    • Add additional checksum case for Vrbo channel bridge canceled booking when they calculate total differently
    • Don't validate quote arrival is future on update or when validation is skipped
    • Allow disabling Air iCal even when channel connected
  • Remove payment requirement on hosted/portal certificate generation
  • Login password field should not error on <> characters etc
  • Clarify Changes vs. Charges on Premium Feature turn on/off pages
  • Make the default renter agreement use the {PMINAGE} field code instead of "age of 18" language
  • Show available SMS communication history even if SMS is disabled
  • Change photo captions on Hosted Sites to not use <h1> tags
  • Tone down Lynnbrook Classic warning
  • Detect and show channel name (e.g., Airbnb) when applicable for "Who will I be charged by?" section on guest forms
  • On Stripe Connect/Reconnect clear the Needs Permissions flag
  • Fix forum user post warehouse
  • Friendly up the message for Booking.com connections
  • Batch lock update creates new codes when it should reuse
  • Enhance guest and booking import
  • Validate, or handle "Invalid Pattern" on SMS phone number search