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Update May 24, 2022


  • Sort Insurance Detail report by date
  • Add on LQA for more missing address components
  • Gracefully handle discounts less than zero in rate table
  • Show legal cancellation policy on hosted site
  • Don't round to whole numbers when setting rates on calendar or season displays
  • Don't include deleted fees in owner statement snapshot
  • Fix email history links to open in new tab
  • Add candy striping for blocks on month calendar
  • Handle off aspect ratio images on slider and cover the area fully so captions are visible and there's no extra space
  • Don't use hosted URL on widget if hosted isn't live
  • Show property connections, DP and TI on general info tab
  • Factor in quotes to CC processing history report
  • Add unique key on Field
  • Display template type in Editor
  • Tweak taxes reports