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Update November 21, 2022


  • Add invite and many authorized accounts for login-only users (under the new Team Access area)
  • Add per-channel property description overrides
  • Add support for Zapier by invite-only
  • Add adjacent bookings option on ribbon calendar widget
  • Update FL Rentals By Owner logo
  • Add 'In Development' status to Forum Feature Requests
  • Allow entering but not editing the channel platform email or reservation number
  • Clarify review visibility and distribution status 
  • Don't scroll past rate tabs when Rate Calendar is viewed on small screens
  • Add PM Portal Access Owner permissions popover help text
  • Fix dead link on portal branding view page
  • Add LQA for shared space type that doesn't match property type
  • Fix invoice date on booking DP tab
  • Link to Namecheap on portal edit and hosted
  • Show nightly and total separately on search widget rate display
  • Include site/account logo on reviews markup