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Update September 6, 2022


  • Switch BTRENT back to rent and show in rent regardless of collapse setting
  • Don't allow old portal owners to create new blocks after ownership changes
  • Fix issue where expenses weren't removed during batch update even if surcharge setting changed
  • Fix issue with PDF rendering the login page if the owning user has an expired idle time
  • Handle edge case where Airbnb listing is deactivated after we request a publish but before we receive the published webhook
  • Add turnover days to Airbnb channel policies tab
  • Add PlatformEmailAddress to the Import/Export Bookings excel
  • Tighten up Airbnb pet fee handling
    • Update base rate first with min of pet fee amount to avoid pet fee amount error
    • Update LQA to error for percent pet fees and per night pet fees
    • Calculate number of pets always as 1 because that's what was charged
  • Roll back Air surcharges into rules
    • Switch back to putting surcharges in nightly rate always. Leave discounts as separate for strikethroughs.
    • Don't LQA warn on number of nights less than for LOS or surcharges that are rolled into standard fee or nightly rate
  • Handle arrival month before January criteria with a wrap around
  • Send profile changed emails in portal context when granting user is making the changes
  • Always show the allow RTB for shorter notice (even in RTB mode) instead of only on IB
  • Cap sleeps min calculation at max occupancy rule