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Update July 19, 2023


  • Reviews API now available for all first-class channels (requires additional channel development)
  • Add Hopper Homes as official channel (private beta)
  • Add Damage Protection policy level selection for new property additions
  • Support segmented codes on Kaba
  • Require booking window max availability on property rules
  • Owner email address doesn't show up in API if loaded from cache
  • Purge rejected SMS Brands after account is closed
  • Fix deposit links in transactions grid
  • Clean up system alerts for scheduled payment or security deposit failure
  • Re-enable cancellation fee on cancellation policy re-enable if needed
  • Clarify "you do not have permission" team access error
  • Fix email bodies not visible in conversation view
  • Update HomeToGo instructions onboarding link
  • Allow applicable custom field types to be used in email templates, not just booking custom field types
  • Hackaround Airbnb "longer must be greater" error
  • Enable test quote API for bnbfinder
  • Fix bnbfinder listing links
  • Fix ugly layout on team invite acceptance "link to existing account"
  • Re-merge Airbnb bookings missing threads caused by Airbnb outage