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Update June 28, 2023


  • Add Nofie as official channel
  • Add back address name field on Check Payment Method
  • Add missing BDC cancel policies 557 and 558
  • SMS unregistered messaging sunset
  • SMS Sole Proprietor new signups
  • Empty "Property" field causes 2 errors instead of one to be shown
  • Don't show expected deposit date on secdeps that are just held
  • New Total preview doesn't calculate on booking cancel when a cancellation fee applied
  • Add features for upcoming Hopper Homes integration
  • Certain styles bust HTML to plain text conversion from custom field transform to Airbnb template
  • Make QuickBooks Online batch tool "update settings" option target bookings that are already syncing
  • Gracefully handle sync errors for QuickBooks Online payments if payment does not need to be updated
  • Hosted website property search rule bypass
  • Clarify {BCRE} field code to be based on booked date, not created date
  • Two-Factor Authentication forced on all accounts
  • Cancel unpaid Damage Protection policies on account closure
  • Centralize pets allowed amenity into property rules
  • Add option on tax to not apply to cancellations
  • Show long legal cancellation policy always when guest-facing
  • Add "allow Request To Book above max nights" setting on Airbnb channels
  • Allow disabling a template while its trigger is still active
  • Fix a crash bang error on attempting to "watch" a blog post while not logged in
  • Fix an extremely uncommon error on custom field imports
  • Restrict legacy API SpotRate PATCH to 1100 days in the future
  • Don't fire new booking triggers when a Vrbo message arrives on an old booking