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OwnerRez offers many different payment processing options including the ability to accept credit cards.  However, we are not a credit card processor ourselves.  Instead, we integrate with dozens of industry-standard processors and gateways, so you're free to pick and choose which processor you want to use, and OwnerRez will connect with it and happily process your guest's credit cards under the covers.

Due to mergers and alliances, many banks operate under multiple brand names.  Just because you don't see yours on this list, doesn't necessarily mean we can't work with them!  They may well be under a different brand name, allied bank, or interchange partner - ask your banking representative if they recognize any of these names.

Here is the entire list of processors and gateways we currently integrate with. Clicking on each one will give you a support article specific to that processor or gateway.  If you are looking for more-general information, check out our articles about credit card processing or payments and refunds.

If you don't have a current processor or gateway and don't know where to begin, read our list of recommendations.