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Update September 12, 2022


  • Upgrade Google Analytics integration
    • Only render GA if analytics is configured for the user
    • Convert to gtag.js for both GA4 and UA
    • Add support for running GA4 and UA side by side (UA will be phased out by Google in July 2023)
    • Add support for enabling debug mode to support GA4 DebugView report
    • Set GA cookie flags to SameSite=none to improve sharing through widgets to reservations
    • Widgets automatically request GA client id from containing page
    • Add widget Loaded event
    • Add QuoteDisplayed and QuoteErrored events for booking widget
    • Rename ViewQuoteDetails event on booking widget to QuoteDetailExpanded to clarify what action it indicates
  • Skip transactions in channel bridge for bookings that have deposits
  • Improve Yapstone unknown errors
  • Don't generate door codes on imports that will error