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Update July 26, 2023


  • Add new BDC cancellation policy codes
  • Social links on hosted websites should open in a new window
  • Vrbo Messaging improvements including historical thread imports
  • Vrbo commission fee import doesn't show errors when there are any successes
  • Mark Vrbo Commission imports with proper category
  • Show iCal details on booking channel tab
  • Handle BDC modify of new booking as add if it is fresh
  • Handle case where PointCentral returns missing lock list
  • Display PointCentral service plan message even if login was technically successful
  • Add booking form_key to API result
  • Patch issue with RemoteLock's regression causing failure with Igloo locks
  • Support PO Box on SMS Brand submissions
  • Fix the From and To number labels on failed SMS system alert emails
  • Handle undocumented Airbnb API 'Workspace' room type
  • Handle missing payment type in Vrbo channel bridge