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Update March 15, 2023


  • Add Rentalz as official channel
  • Optimize new ribbon precalc length to speed up display of long bookings
  • Use 400 status code for validation failures on legacy API
  • Show saving spinner on grid batch tags save button
  • Fix Google maps API warning on geocoding
  • Improve Vrbo iCal to API transition
  • Don't allow adding a new cancellation fee for a no refund cancellation
  • Add extra availability push for Airbnb and Booking.com cancellation/void to ensure calendar is reopened immediately
  • Switch legacy payment gateways to Encoding.UTF8
  • Update WP plugin to refer to the WP premium
  • Alert user when secdep couldn't be released because it was charged back
  • Don't allow adding an Airbnb iCal if the property is connected via API already
  • Remove legacy booking.com OwnerRez tax calculation mode
  • Fix error when viewing all properties for a Vrbo channel with properties that were never linked
  • Create a new Lynnbrook method if using a saved card from a different payment method
  • Optimize lock integration index page by removing external API hit
  • Flag Air listing published on status check if it wasn't before
  • Clear platform email address for old 2019 Airbnb bookings where it was (no email alias available)
  • Optimize Airbnb channel push by skipping cases where nothing has changed
  • Add case to Vrbo channel bridge to treat booking with a payment that is a fee only with $0 to the owner as cancelled full refund
  • When regenerating a manual door lock code, don't reuse a code from a different manual door lock
  • Update ECBYO instruction email address
  • Only block Airbnb publish for location updates
  • Show Preview Rates for feed-based channels as well as direct sync
  • On Vrbo CB import, handle case where RDD amount is subtracted vs. added for checksum
  • Allow FloridaRentals reviews opt-in