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Update April 4, 2022


  • Add expense categories
  • Add support for delayed posting of reviews for Airbnb
  • Show exports that weren't imported on channel bridge history as well as import status for all files
  • Embed account/advertiser ID in Vrbo channel connection instructions
  • Add channel Policies tab for an x-ray view of policies configured at the channel vs. property level
  • Fix message preview to properly factor in theme defaults
  • Add owner statement header/footer defaults
  • Use property theme for contact info regardless of template header/footer setting
  • Apply property theme in booking messages preview
  • Don't quote when autoresponding to Vrbo inquiries
  • Smoothen up channel rate tester with multiple Airbnb accounts
  • Make review widget average stars "based on" total match detailed counts
  • Improved review metadata on hosted websites to reduce warnings