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Hostfi is a smart banking provider specifically for short-term rental managers that helps you manage expenses across properties with Visa Commercial Cards, automate accounting to save countless hours, and open FDIC-insured operating and trust accounts that reconcile with your booking data for payouts.

Issue team and contractor Visa Commercial Cards with custom spending limits and allow your team to attach receipts and properties to transactions automatically over text or through the Hostfi dashboard. No app needed! Hostfi charges short-term rental managers no fees including no fees to open accounts, issue cards, or send same-day ACH/wires. Instead, they make money from merchants when you use their cards.

Steps for integration:

1. Sign up or log in to Hostfi. Fill out Hostfi’s form to schedule a call with their team to get an access code for signing up!

2. Click on the Integrations tab in the bottom left corner of your menu on the dashboard (on desktop) or the upper right-hand corner (on mobile).

3. On the Integrations page, click Get Started under OwnerRez.4. You will be redirected to an OwnerRez authorization page. Log in with your OwnerRez credentials, if you are not already logged in, then click Authorize Hostfi.

5. Once authorized, you’ll be redirected back to a successful connection page inside Hostfi where you can click Import Properties to bring your properties from OwnerRez to Hostfi for easy expense and income management.

6. If your properties are successfully importing, you’ll receive the notification at the bottom of the screen as shown and you can check within a few minutes by clicking on the Properties tab on the menu on the left of your in the bottom left corner of the dashboard (on desktop) or the upper right-hand corner (on mobile). Your imported properties will now be used for your Hostfi expense management and your booking data also will start automatically syncing for future payouts and Hostfi will send you a notification when that booking data integration is complete after you shift your payouts from Airbnb, VRBO, Stripe, and other payment platforms.

If you need to sync your updated properties from OwnerRez to Hostfi at any point, click the Import Properties button found on the top right of the OwnerRez tile of your Integrations tab and Hostfi will update your Hostfi property list from OwnerRez including adding properties and updating addresses and property names.

Export Hostfi transactions and upload to OwnerRez

Need to download Hostfi transactions and upload to Owner Rez in the correct format? Click the Export to OwnerRez button on the top right of your screen when on the Transactions page (found on the top left of your menu on desktop and top right of your menu on mobile) and you will be able to export non-pending expense transactions like card transactions or outbound ACH/wires.Your export will download as a CSV with the correct OwnerRez format that you can upload on this page.

What Data is Transmitted:

Once sync is enabled, Hostfi utilizes the OwnerRez webhooks to sync data automatically.

  • Properties (to sync with Hostfi property list): Hostfi pulls property name, property address, and property ID
  • Bookings (to sync with incoming payouts): Hostfi pulls list of bookings, booking date, arrival date, canceled date, booking ID, listing site, departure date, pending until date, property ID, status, total amount, total host fees, total owed, total paid, total refunded
  • Charges (to sync with incoming payouts): Hostfi pulls commission amount, description, expense ID, is expense all, is taxable, owner amount, owner commission percent, rate, rate is percent, surcharge ID, tax ID