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No matter what you call it – glossary, dictionary, definitions, terms –
here’s a brief description of what things mean and what common acronyms stand for.

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AVERAGE DAILY GROSS (ADG) - The Total divided by Nights. So whatever the gross is (including taxes) averaged across the length of the booking.

AVERAGE DAILY RENT (ADR) - The Total Rent divided by Nights. take the booking charges that are "Rent" type and add those up and the average across the length of the booking.

API - acronym for Application Programming Interface, which is a process that allows two applications to talk to each other – like OwnerRez (OR) talking to Airbnb and Vrbo. To learn more about OR API integration visit this support article.

BALANCE - Balance is what the guests owes you or you owe the guest. If the booking's charges (i.e., invoice of line items) does not match what is "received", then the balance will show that, either negative or positive.



BLACKOUT - Available as part of an API Integration, this allows you to "Blackout" dates on any specific date range, channel and property (or set of channels and properties) to keep someone from booking. This will not be visible on your main calendar or booking widget. It is a virtual block, only applied to and visible on the chosen channel.

BLOCKED-OFF TIME - Used to block a property for myriad reasons - maintenance, owner use, etc.

BOOKING TOTAL - The total sum of charges. If you go to the booking > charges tab, this is the amount below the grid.

BOOKING WINDOW - The booking window is how far ahead of time bookings are required or allowed to be made. You control this in Properties > Rules and, for Airbnb API connections, from within the API settings. The Lead Time rule controls how far ahead of arrival the booking must be made. You can allow same day bookings or require more lead time between booking date and arrival. The Max Days In Future controls how far into the future a guest can reserve. If you are using an Airbnb API connection, the Lead Time is only controlled in the API settings - any settings in Property > Rules are ignored

BUS - Booking Update Service, runs bi-directionally between channels to keep things in sync regarding booking specifics.

CHANNEL - When we say “channel,” we mean one of the listing sites like Airbnb, Booking.com, Vrbo, etc.

CHANNEL BRIDGE - Channel Bridge is a tool we wrote to "bridge" the gap between info on major listing sites (channels) and OwnerRez. It's designed to help bring in booking info and reviews from Airbnb, Vrbo and TripAdvisor. Channel Bridge can ONLY be used in the Chrome web browser. It can also be used to "push" rates from OwnerRez to Vrbo and Airbnb if you are not using the API connection. The Rate Push tool is a deprecated feature because we have official API integration with Vrbo and Airbnb. It may continue to work, but we don't support it any longer. Channel Bridge is included with your OwnerRez account. Learn more about Channel Bridge in the support center.


COMMISSION - The total sum of all commission earned by the PM on the booking. Basically, this is all the booking's charges commission amounts added up. Expenses that are due to be reimbursed are not added or subtracted from this amount, so the PM may end up getting more, but the Commission stat is just the raw commission.

COUNT - The number of bookings. Often, a column in Reporting

CREDIT CARD PROCESSING - If you want to accept credit card payments from guests you will need an account with one of the 23 payment processors we work with. If you want to use the Vrbo API connection you must have a payment processor. The regular PayPal interface is NOT a credit card processor - here's more info on PayPal vs. Credit Card processing.

CREDIT CARD STATEMENT TEXT -  This is the name of your business. It's what the cardholder sees on their statement after you charge them. Sometimes referred to as the "billing descriptor". Make sure the text showing in OR is the same as what you entered when setting up your merchant account.


CRM - Customer Relationship Management. Within OwnerRez, it's the area of the app where Contacts, Inbox, and Reviews are located.

CSE - Channel Sync Events

CULTURE - This page can be found under Settings > Branding & Legal. This is where you define your time zone, country/location, language, currency, and preferred date format.

CURRENCY - You can define your local currency by going to Settings and choosing the Culture option under Branding & Legal.



DEPRECATED - is the discouragement of use of a feature or practice, without completely removing it or prohibiting its use, typically because it has been superseded (by newer feature(s) or workflows) or is no longer considered efficient or reliable. If you see something is deprecated inside the OwnerRez app, it also means it is no longer supported. You may continue to use it, while still available, but it is no longer guaranteed to work.

DNS (Domain Name System) - is like the phonebook of the internet, providing a way to map names (a website you’re seeking) to numbers (the IP address for the website). Anything connected to the internet - laptops, tablets, mobile phones, websites - have an Internet Protocol (IP) address. Your favorite website might have an IP address of, but this is obviously not easy to remember. However, a domain name such as example.com is something people can recognize and remember.

DUE - The due or owed formula is Total - Paid + Refunded = Owed

FORUMS - the OwnerRez Community Forums is where you can post how-to questions, business discussion points, and feature requests.

FULLY REMITTED (in PM Expenses) - an expense that appears on one or more owner statements, and HAS been completely "remitted" (i.e. fully reimbursed)



iCAL -



IPM - Integrated Property Management.  This is another way of referring to an API connection.

LEAD TIME - Lead time is how far ahead of arrival the booking must be made. You can allow same day bookings or require more lead time between booking date and arrival. Lead time is set in both Properties > Rules as part of the "Booking Window", and in the Airbnb API connection. If you are using an Airbnb API connection, the Lead Time is only controlled in the API settings - any settings in the Property Rules are ignored

LISTING QUALITY ANALYZER (LQA) - An OwnerRez tool to check your listings for errors, content requirements and minimums for channels like Vrbo and TripAdvisor. The Listing Quality Analyzer (LQA) provides recommendations for improvement. Watch the Listing Quality Analyzer (LQA) support video for more information.

LISTING TITLE - The Airbnb Listing Title is Airbnb's version of the property description "Headline" text. Other listing channels (e.g., OwnerRez Hosted Websites, bnbfinder, Vrbo, etc.) refer to this text field as a property description Headline, commonly added in property description overrides.

MAPPING - Mapping simply means the info we use to link OwnerRez to another site. It's how we match a property in OR to the same property on a listing site. In this case, it's your listing number for each channel.


NET FOR COMMISSION (in Reports) - This number is calculated by taking the total booking charges amount and subtracting the total taxes and total Non-Commissionable amounts.

NET PAYMENTS - Formula: Paid + kept from secdep - Refunded - Host Fees. Host fees are usually assessed by channels or payment processors and are tracked on the Transactions tab of the booking.

NET TOTAL - Formula: Total - Host Fees. Host fees are usually assessed by channels or payment processors and are tracked on the Transactions tab of the booking.

NEVER REMITTED (in PM Expenses) - an expense that does not appear (never appears) on any owner statement.

"Never Remitted" means it's not been paid on a statement yet. The possible remittance statuses are:

  • Never Remitted - Has not been paid on a statement yet.
  • Pre-deducted - This is a prededucted expense so it will never show on a statement
  • Partially Remitted - Has been remitted in the past, but the amount subsequently changed so an adjustment will be included on the next statement.
  • Fully Remitted - Fully remitted.

Reimbursed expenses will have one of the three Remitted statuses, while pre-deducted expenses will only ever be pre-deducted.

NIGHTSThe number of nights a guest stays at a property. The formula is Departure - Arrival = Nights (departure day doesn't count).

NON-COMMISSIONABLE (in Reports) - This number is calculated by looking at the charges, expenses and host fees, and determining what part of those does not have commission calculated on them.  Remember that host fees can "give back" commission to the owner, so a host fee might actually decrease the Non-Commissionable amount depending on the user's settings.

Opt Back In - The function provided by Airbnb to continue receiving a guest's proxy email. Airbnb has turned off the automatic email addresses that they used to provide for reaching guests. You can turn that feature back on again by using this link to Opt Back In to getting the proxy email.

OR - abbreviation/shorthand for OwnerRez

OTA – Online Travel Agency. Any of the listing sites guests may use to look for a property – Airbnb, Booking.com, TripAdvisor, Vrbo, etc.

OWED - The owed or due formula is Total - Paid + Refunded = Owed

OWNER AMOUNT - The amount the owner has or will be remitted. This doesn't factor in reimbursed expenses as they are deducted later.


  • Owner Net = Owner Amount - Taxes (if paid by owner) - Damage Protection (if paid by owner) or is the amount the owner would expect to pocket after all liabilities are paid.
  • Owner Revenue = Owner Amount + Commission - Non-Owner Charges (charges where the entire amount is kept by the PM) or is the amount received by the PM for the owner (which includes commission the owner owes to the PM).

PAID - The total sum of all payments (doesn't include any refunds or secdep charges, just what was paid).

PARTIALLY REMITTED (in PM Expenses) - an expense that appears on one or more owner statements, but has NOT been completely "remitted" (i.e. not fully reimbursed)


PM - Property Management - premium OwnerRez feature allowing for property managers or others to easily manage properties on behalf of others.

PMS - Property Management Software / Property Management System - that's what OwnerRez is! 


PRE-DEDUCTED (in PM Expenses) - an expense that does not appear on any owner statement because it's configured to be pre-deducted from the associated booking revenue.  For example, channel commissions and fees are often pre-deducted, so that for commission purposes, they don't exist as that's money neither the PM nor the owner ever see.

PREEMPTED - This Quote status means that the quote is no longer valid due to another booking coming in that is now blocking the dates of the first quote.


PROPERTY - One "Property" in OwnerRez corresponds to one "Listing". If you have 1 property that you divide into 3 separate listings, then you will have 3 properties in OwnerRez.




RECEIVED - The difference between what was paid and any refunds. if a guest pays $1,000 but you refunded $200 back, then you "received" $800.

REFUNDED - The total sum of all refunds (doesn't include any payments, just what was refunded).



SEARCH - We have two search functions. The "Search" box you see at the top, right of most OR screens is to search for a guest/booking. If you want to search for help info or support docs, click the question mark "?" at the right end of the main menu. With the ? you can search help articles, feedback from users in the OwnerRez Community Forums, or our Blog with updates on OR.



SMS- Short Message Service (SMS) is commonly known as texting. Our premium SMS Messaging feature also works with templates and triggers so that you can send automated personalized messages at scheduled times.


SUBDOMAIN - A subdomain is a prefix added to a domain name to separate a section of your website. As part of your Team Access Portal setup, you can link a subdomain of your primary domain name to the OwnerRez servers, and from then on the Team Access will "live" at your domain, and Portal Users will log in to your branded domain rather than using the main OwnerRez URL. This is sometimes known as a "white-label" Client Portal.




TMK (Tax Map Key) - This is a government-issued number assigned in some areas (Hawaii, for example) which Airbnb and Vrbo require the host to provide in order to appear on the platform.  If necessary, enter this in your Property listing, at the bottom of the Description page, in the Registration Number field.

TOTAL RENT - Total Rent is from the booking line items summed that are Rent or Show as Rent. The total booking charges that are type "rent" or surcharges marked as rent.

THIRD PARTY ALERTS (TPA) - Third Party Alerts feature where you can put in a cleaner's name/email address and the system will automatically email them every time a booking is created, canceled or changes dates. It does not give them guest details, nor does it send alerts when details change - only the dates. To set this, go to Properties > (select the property) > Third Party Alerts.



URL - This is the abbreviation for Uniform Resource Locator. It's just another way to refer to a website address. If someone asks for our URL, we tell them it is www.ownerrez.com!

VERIFIED EMAIL DOMAINDomain Verification will allow OwnerRez to send from any email address on a particular domain. For example, once you have verified mydomain.com, OwnerRez can send emails on behalf of any associated @mydomain.com email address set up in the system. This feature is especially useful for sending all email communications to your guests, etc.

WALLED GARDEN - A walled garden refers to a limited set of technology or media information provided to users with the intention of creating a monopoly or secure information system. The main purpose of creating a walled garden is to shield users from certain kinds of information. For you that may mean you do not have access to all the guest or booking data.

WEEKEND NIGHTS (f.k.a. WEEKEND DAYS) -  You can choose which nights are considered part of the "weekend" for rates. Go to Settings > Pricing Preferences. At the top of the screen, use the drop-down menu for the "Weekend Nights" field to make your selection (e.g., Friday - Saturday). You can also override this global setting at the property-level under a property's Rules.