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Update December 20, 2023


  • Allow Staff Full Admin to have Advanced Tools and move Team Access to Account Menu
  • Smoothen Team Alerts layout
  • Revamp hosted image layout
  • Don't error on Schlage code gen for guests with no last name
  • Fix regression where owner blocks couldn't create code for ByLock integrations
  • Fix issue where in-app dates weren't editing in the correct format
  • Show cancellation policy/rate notes using both mode on hosted websites
  • Up surcharge increment maxes to 49
  • Clarify CB merge conflict message for Airbnb
  • Hosted site requests to /error should 404
  • Up dining seats max to 89
  • Fix issue with Excel importers parsing value resulting in unexpected results when formatting is applied
  • Implement Vrbo's new messaging API version
  • Fix regression where searching by phone number without country code wasn't working
  • Handle co-host payments in Airbnb transaction API
  • Rate calendar shows wrong season in tooltip
  • Update first-class partners who should be considered Instant Book
  • Clean up channel send booking confirmation
  • Show currency in payment method description
  • Google Vacation Rentals Private Beta:
    • Fix issue with Rate Modifications showing for unavailable seasons as applying all the time