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This support article is out of date. For more current and complete instructions, please see the Trigger Examples support article.

This is a review request email template, to encourage guests to review online and interact on Facebook. We recommend a trigger that automatically sends out the email 3 days after departure. We also recommend scheduling a Facebook like request email 7 days after departure as a second nudge.  (For other examples of email Templates, check out the Email Template Library - Overview.)

You don't normally want to ask your channel guests to write an OwnerRez review - it's better for them to write a review on the channel they booked on, which you can then import into OwnerRez using Channel Bridge.

If the guest had issues or problems, you probably don't want to ask for a review, so go into the booking and skip sending this template.

To use this template, change the [review link] to point to the listing site you'd like them to review on, and the {MYFACEBOOK} to point to your Facebook page. If you've got multiple properties, you can use custom fields to make the links update automatically based on property. Here's an article about custom fields and email templates. If you're using the template from a non-OwnerRez system, you'll also have to update the various mail merge fields. 


Don't forget to leave your review for {PDISPNAME}!



Our business depends a lot on recommendations and reviews from previous guests (such as you!).  If you can take a second out of your busy day, we'd appreciate it if you would fill out these quick online reviews so that other guests can know what to expect at {PDISPNAME}:


You can also post your pics and review to our Facebook page:


Thanks again, and if you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.



Reviews that are created in OwnerRez directly by the guest when the click on the link in their email, will be automatically set to Hidden.  This gives you a chance to review them before anyone else sees them publicly.