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Update July 12, 2023


  • Fix hosted site blog categories displaying "object" instead of category name
  • Fix Vrbo listing import fails with "Could not find listing data marker" error
  • Fix Team invite acceptance page has text overlapping logo
  • Fix Export Owner to excel missing email address
  • Gracefully handle deleting the only property mapping on a manual lock
  • Fix scheduled emails being sent at UTC time instead of property time
  • Improve action buttons for door locks to clarify various scenarios
  • Add support for Kaba grace period
  • Improve Owner Payout to save Reference Number from Bank Transfer
  • Tweak SMS message alerts to provide more details
  • Tweak affiliate payout page to clarify payout timeline
  • Clarify Integrated Websites premium feature on public pricing page
  • Increase Automatic 5-Star Review templates maximum length to 1,000 characters
  • Fix hero unit caption sizing on Hosted Websites
  • Change secdep hold to refundable when moving properties if new property requires refundable type
  • Detect excess stacking of automatic discounts in LQA and Rate Checker
  • Validate field codes used in 'To' are correct type for email templates
  • Hide account security alerts from email history
  • Increase guest public review form character limit to 10,000
  • Add a new system alert to be sent when a new card is added to a pending booking
  • Add an option on cancellation form to "Send refund receipt to guest"
  • Prevent attempts to use Stripe "tokenized" cards with non-Stripe processor
  • Fix issues with unrecognized time zones
  • Fix issue with looking up cancellation policy description for FloridaRentals
  • Display an alert to Sole Proprietor brand users who have not completed the SMS Brand phone number verification after 24 hours