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Update May 17, 2022


  • Cap rate warehouse calc at property max days in advance if set
  • Default PM batch to future
  • Clean more chars for TI for RG
  • Fix crash when saving a booking/quote charges with no charges twice
  • Fix issue where dining/parking notes were cleared when editing rooms
  • Override holiday mins with min gap nights "use this min" rule
  • Use hosted page title as title tag for home pages if set
  • Remove + from highest availability search widget filter number
  • Fix channel add badge alignment
  • Remove hushmail.com from list of blocked email domains
  • Fix charge "is taxed" flag not saving correctly in narrow view ports
  • Add support for RemoteLock's ReadyPIN generation
  • Fix issue where booking arriving on report end date wasn't included in "any stay during period" criteria
  • Show blank values for custom fields on quote signing preview
  • Fix Property Share Links Redirecting to wrong URL after navigating to 2nd page
  • Tighten up Airbnb Scenic View mappings
  • Clarify IP List restrictions on API
  • Update status label from Bad to Delayed on Booking Review tab grid
  • Add statement view columns for including show-as-rent
  • Round away event value on GA instead of multiplying
  • Show booking date as due date on payment form if there are no payments yet
  • Make booking send email default compose editable
  • Fix issue with accepting pending Vrbo booking more than 30 days old
  • Sanitize duplicate existing verified domain dupe DKIM host
  • Don't show SMS/DP lines on user invoice alert if the features aren't enabled
  • Handle Google font case sensitivity in selector
  • Allow setting YouTube custom URL
  • Show SMS failure reason on detail
  • Don't create extra listing sites for hosted.ownerrez.com
  • Fix Converge issue with extra information passed on voids
  • Handle Airbnb permission denied on 200 in listing importer
  • Add support for Lynnbrook's new platform/API -- "fund at booking" processing only
  • Don't show email suppression banner on suppression page
  • Handle large images on custom field display
  • Affiliate enhancements
  • Hide "add new card" option on new card form if no cards are on file and always add
  • Disable old Stripe methods
  • Add support for setting check in/out times on quotes
  • Capture and display Airbnb check in/out time on booking request, quote, booking
  • Allow using multiple field codes in TO for SMS templates
  • Show that Autoreviews were were skipped more clearly
  • Add indicators for Vrbo review eligibility
  • Hide "You're Logged in" banner on hosted website from crawlers
  • Enhance inquiry/quote/booking header date displays
  • Clarify nights in header date displays