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Update April 13, 2020


  • Added required time between bookings (prep time) rule
  • Cleaned up and simplified other property availability rules
  • Added option to use min nights instead of gap length for min nights in gaps rule
  • Automatically disconnect bookings from channels when channels are disabled or deleted so they can be fully managed in OwnerRez
  • Added channel calendar manual mode for bookings so bookings can remain connected to a channel but be unlinked from the calendar and moved around separately
  • Fixed rate table widget to show public name if specified
  • Added bulk update tool for damage protection settings
  • Tweaked travel insurance to better handle US territories on purchases
  • Tweaked travel insurance to better handle Honduras/Roatan Islands on purchases
  • Added week/month rate table on rate checker
  • Fixed owner statement rendering browser issue
  • Added handling in Airbnb channel bridge for pending payments that can't be paid yet as the overall balance is negative
  • Fixed issue in VRBO channel bridge where payment was improperly flagged as a duplicate RDD and ignored

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