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Update April 18, 2022


  • Move some account preferences to new Security Safeguards section
  • Ignore missing security code from booking.com if we already have the card on file
  • Tweak Communication History SMS tab verbiage to match app wide conventions
  • Tighten up the Airbnb cancellation policies dropdown
  • Update min weekend nights to use weekend setting
  • Condense rate settings into new Pricing Preferences section
  • Enhance search result rate display
  • Update last user request for impersonating users
  • Add a form message for the renter agreement signing statement
  • Update e-Signature form Current Time to be end-user timezone
  • Fix alert type record for book now started alert
  • Fix email history grid system alert filter
  • Add option on rate widget to calc months based on first of the month
  • Fix 28-day seasons to show a monthly rate on widgets
  • Show bookings with no charges on Line Item Pivot report if they have other financials
  • Make it easier to close grid popovers