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Google Domains

If you use Google Domains to host your website with your domain name, you more than likely have your own email address associated with that domain (you@yoursite.com). If this is the case, you will want get our domain "Verified". Why verify your domain? The primary reason for OwnerRez users is so that your email address will also be verified. Once your domain has been verified, any emails associated with are automatically verified.

If you own your own domain, say acmevacations.com, you can set DNS records that verify us as a sending server. Once you do that, we'll switch over to sending directly FROM your verified email address -- say bookings@acmevacations.com. Of course your domain will be different, and you can pick any prefix, like your name. 

Starting the Process

Navigate to Verified Email Domains by going to Settings > Branding & Legal > Verified Email Domains.

On that page, click the "Verify Domain" button. On the next page (as shown below) enter your website name in the field provided. Make sure there are no spaces at the beginning or end. Also make sure you don't include any http, www, or other characters.

Then click the green "Save and View Instructions" button. The next screen will look like this:

Configure Google Domains DNS Records

1. Login to Google Domains, then click Manage next to the domain you would like to point towards OwnerRez.

2. Next select DNS from the left sidebar.

3. Now scroll down to the bottom of the page to custom resource records.

4. Set both the CNAME and TXT records by copy and pasting the Hostnames and Values from the verified domain page inside OwnerRez, then save by clicking the Add button on the right side.
  • 1H = Hostname
  • Text/Domain name = Value


You can ensure that you have set your DNS settings correctly by going to Verified Email Domains by going to Settings > Branding & Legal > Verified Email Domains and then select the domain you were setting up. Click the Check Status button at the top. If you setup your DNS setting correctly, you will get a success message and see the status for each record as verified.

Wait at least an hour after making changes before testing - it can take some time for DNS changes to propagate across the Internet.