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Update March 16, 2020


  • Changed portal user display to show last user activity instead of change
  • Added canceled bookings option to booking summary report
  • Consider now to the next booking as a gap for the purposes of min gap nights
  • Don't drop out surcharges from Airbnb channel bridge
  • Take linen fee out of cleaning charge on Airbnb channel bridge
  • Fixed channel bridge to detect non-VRBO but Vrbo family listing sites better
  • Don't calc tax as if we were adding surcharges anymore
  • Tidied up pre tax total on cleaning fee after linen fee comes out
  • Fixed issue where booking widget was rendering conversion GA before the GA
  • Fixed issue where X-Frame-Options was causing booking top navigate denied fallback to fail
  • Don't show Set Rates modal on rate calendar if button is disabled
  • Enforced stricter ranges on min/max days before arrival
  • Fixed multi property widget logic after m2m update
  • Added PM Lock to bookings. More info in the PM Lock Article.
  • Added option to not do Stay Collected Fee's on HA API channel in lieu of inclusion in house rules
  • Added Channel Bridge check to not update bookings more than 15 days in the past unless they're blank or specifically overwritten
  • Added vacationrentalsoceancitynj.com and vacationrentalswildwood.com regional listing sites
  • Removed old defunct regional listing sites
  • Fixed issue where guests with bookings but no name could be deleted
  • Allow force push to override errors even if there's no sync yet
  • Allow deleting bookings with expenses as long as they haven't been on statements yet
  • Don't show display rates for booked dates on Rate Calendar widget
  • Fixed issue where payment by check is showing full amount, not specific amount

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