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Update March 8, 2023


  • Add cleaning date changed trigger event type
  • Remove the option to fire event type triggers only once and switch all event type triggers to always fire on the event
  • Update Airbnb API version
  • Add Houfy reviews push integration
  • Channel fixes
    • Fix crash in LQA when a tax has per property id, but none are populated
    • Accept Vrbo surcharge amount on booking even if amount is 0 in OwnerRez
    • Allow "don't show in charges" setting for all HA-XML based channels
    • Use channel name (if set) vs. company name in Vrbo feeds.
    • Set active=false on listing feed if property is unchecked in the Vrbo property mappings
  • Clarify that listings need publishing
  • Fix issue where inquiry email subject wasn't using the user culture setting
  • Smoothen sidebar and scroll to current item on reload if offscreen
  • Render og:image by default for hosted website property pages
  • Update partner logos/names for Worldline and PointCentral
  • Update Braintree API to latest compatible
  • Remove Bambora test charge support
  • Validate min age on property import
  • Enhance permission denied impersonate page
  • Return HTTP 400 status for OAuth app exceptions (instead of 500)