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Update August 31, 2020


  • Overhauled bookings calendar move (dates, property, check-in/out times) to one central area
    • Created a new Move button/screen for all move related operations so property and dates can be moved at once
    • Combined system messages and alerts for moving into one "booking changed" template
    • Allowed moving bookings during reactivation of a canceled booking
  • Added user time zone setting
  • Added "send at" setting for triggers to control the time of day when they send, using the user or property time zone
  • Added a master check-in/check-out time rule control screen in Settings
  • Applied internal display order to bookings month, year, current views
  • Added updates list category in support articles and link in the ? button
  • Fixed issue where Health & Safety field descriptions were cleared when saving Rooms & Accommodations page
  • Fixed default social icon value
  • Fixed pricing calculator to show price for SMS premium
  • Set timezone on iCal events according to property/user timezone
  • Hide deprecated elements if not used
    • Processing fee on payment method
    • Airbnb/Vrbo booking/transaction CSV import
  • Fixed issue with properties menu scrolling on hosted site
  • Automatically cancel historical obstructions on channel bridge imports if they are empty
  • Fixed sending/receiving emoji in SMS messages

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