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Update February 22, 2021


  • Clarified that laptop friendly amenity is a workspace
  • Removed deprecated Airbnb absolute value (per-night) LOS discounts
  • Fixed owner applicability filter duplicating records on inquiry and quote grids
  • Fixed owner editing for applicabilities only in future
  • Ignored added criteria with no value on surcharge/trigger booking criteria instead of erroring
  • Don't allow selecting hidden seasons on seasonal rate editor
  • For scheduled payments that are not pending, show the actual collection date
  • Fixed issue with property thumbnail generation when save button isn't clicked
  • Fixed issue with recalculating owner last statement when statement is deleted
  • Removed error when clearing theme header/footer -- delete instead
  • Fixed issue with old widgets still configured for the now unsupported LOS Discount Mode = Hide
  • Added HTG links for mapped properties in the API
  • Clarified cancellation policy fee by including in every clause
  • Don't show cancellation policy clauses that don't apply to the current quote because the date has already passed
  • Hid portal access if user has no permissions
  • Hid not owned bookings on portal access if permission is granted by owner
  • Added Owner filter to bookings list view filter
  • Added statement generation date to Owner Statement Bookings Remittance report
  • Added back owner field codes for blocked-off time templates
  • Added import properties from Excel
  • Added import Owners from excel
  • Added PM statement prorate options
  • Fixed hosted website mountain template admin lodging
  • Fixed missing instruction manual text merge field
  • Added ability to un-void expenses
  • Added support for Airbnb basic LOS discounts when no date criteriarange is set
  • Fixed issue where suggested statement date wasn't taking into account deleted owner statements
  • Added ability to exclude bookings and expenses from owner statements forever
  • Added ability to exclude expenses from owner statements temporarily
  • Added ability to exclude bookings and expenses from PM statements forever
  • Added ability to exclude bookings and expenses from PM statements temporarily
  • Don't allow changing existing owners - show message to delete instead
  • Fixed % In Period owner statement column to show based on nights in period vs nights before period
  • Added % Before Statement Date owner statement column to show nights before period
  • Fixed issue where resetting owner configuration didn't recommend removingo ld bookings
  • Fixed issue where starting date of owner statements is calculated incorrectly
  • Add Month, Year and Day as field codes on owner statements
  • Added custom iCal template option based on merge fields
  • Fixed issue with disconnecting QuickBooks accounts showing an error screen
  • Added booking fee note for expense linked fees
  • Added Verified Email Domains for user self-service management of email sending verification
  • Added billing setting for government name/value to show required tax ID's on OwnerRez invoices
  • Show template and trigger on SMS and Airbnb message views
  • Fixed everything but season logic on Airbnb and Vrbo including an extra day
  • Added "any stay during period" option to line item reports
  • Fixed crash with Channel Bridge Import on addresses exactly 65 characters long
  • On HTML editors, allow all attributes on div and span tags
  • Sanitize guests input on WordPress plugin
  • Fixed issue where QuickBooks entered payments were deleted even though "don't push payments" option was enabled
  • Fixed issue where quote form landing page wasn't rendering GA4 codes correctly
  • Fixed issue where expense summary/detail reports weren't including owner attached expenses
  • Added extra space at the bottom of hosted templates for OwnerRez logged in link bar
  • Switched Airbnb ID references to 64-bit longs
  • Added Airbnb Luxe cancellation polices to display
  • When generating statements, use statement date for payment exclusion if statement date is in the future
  • Removed "Period" fields when creating multiple owner statements
  • Fixed wording on PM configuration to refer to future changes as "switch"
  • Showed past date criteria in PM Batch Updater for unmanaging
  • Don't allow manually setting PM lock on management tab of booking if there are future scheduled payments