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How to Add Custom Code

Adding custom code or embedding HTML widgets to your vacation rental website template can enhance functionality, showcase unique property features, and create a distinctive user experience for potential guests.

Edit HTML Source

Navigate to Settings > Hosted Websites > the specific Website > the specific Webpage that you wish to add custom code to.

In the webpage Rich Text Editor, click on Edit HTML Source < > icon.

Edit HTML Source

The HTML Source Editor allows users to add custom code or embed HTML widgets to their web pages.

HTML Source Editor

Custom Code Applied to Home Page

Users can add custom code directly to the intro text of the home page by navigating to Settings > Hosted Websites > the specific Website > Home > Intro > and clicking on the Edit HTML Source < > icon.

Add Custom Code to Hosted Website Home Page Intro

Custom Code Applied to Every Page

If users want their custom code to apply to every page, the system allows users to enter code in the header of their hosted website by navigating to Settings > Hosted Websites > the specific Website > Theme & Layout.

Hosted Website Theme & Layout

Select the CSS tab to enter the HTML custom code.

Hosted Website Theme & Layout CSS Tab

Users can also make changes to the following by clicking on the appropriate tabs.

  • Fonts & Colors
  • Footer
  • Head

HTML Tutorials

If you don't know HTML and are curious, or know a bit and want to brush up, here are a couple of tutorial sites...

  • HTML Tutorials have a good level of detail for a beginner, and they've got intermediate and advanced if you get fancy later. 😉​
  • Introduction to HTML on the Mozilla site is a good reference and offers other tutorials as well.