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Tag a guest. Tag a booking. Tag a property. Make a group tag. So many possibilities!

What is a Tag? It's a badge, label, keyword or description you create for anything related to bookings, guests, inquiries, properties or quotes. For example, you might want a tag for guests to show they were  or you might need one that says .  (Hope you don't need that one!)

Or when you have a booking you may want to remind yourself they want to rent your  or that they've signed up for your  experience.

You can also put tags on OwnerRez Hosted website properties which allow guests to search your units to find one with an  or that's .

Perhaps your guests speak a different language? You can create tags, language-specific templates and triggers based on that tag for German language speakers.

Tags are an easy way to organize and remind yourself about important details related to bookings, guests, inquiries, properties or quotes.

Where do OwnerRez Users begin with tags?  Navigate to Tags or Settings > Workflow & Devices > Tags to get started.