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Single to Multiple Property Website

Purchased a new vacation rental property? Congratulations!

Creating a new multi-property Hosted Website that includes most of the information from your single-property Hosted Website is relatively easy by navigating to Settings > Hosted Website > Create Hosted Website.

Create Hosted Website

From the Number of Properties dropdown list, select Multiple.

Multiple Properties

Complete the rest of the information about your new multiple property Hosted Website and click Save

On the next page, users can select the template. Your single-property Hosted Website is listed in the My Sites section. Users can select Use My single-property Hosted Website to copy all site headers, as well as the theme & layout of the site.

Hosted Website Template My Site

Users should note that any custom pages, content or in-depth customizations are not copied over and users will need to recreate those customizations on their new multiple property Hosted Website.

After their new multiple property Hosted Website is satisfactory, users should be sure to disable or delete their old single-property Hosted Website.