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Pushing rates to Airbnb and Vrbo


As of July 10, 2024, the Rate Push tool is no longer available due to Google Chrome Manifest v3's lack of support.

If you've got rates in OwnerRez and aren't using the API integration, you can use channel bridge to push rates, minimum/maximum nights rules, and arrival/departure day rules to Airbnb and Vrbo.

If you're using PriceLabs, they can update Airbnb for you automatically, but not Vrbo, so you can use Channel Bridge to push those.

The Rate Push tool is a deprecated feature because OwnerRez has official API integrations with Vrbo and Airbnb. It may continue to work, but we don't support it any longer.

In other words, Channel Bridge pushes rates to Airbnb and Vrbo using an unofficial method that is not formally supported by either Airbnb, Vrbo or OwnerRez.  As such, it is not fully reliable at all times.  In particular, it can be subject to disconnections and random errors during times of heavy load on Airbnb or Vrbo's servers.

If this happens to you, simply wait a few hours or overnight and try again, but the occasional random failure is unfortunately somewhat normal.

Here's the steps to push rates (assuming they are already set up in OwnerRez):

  1. Set up Channel Bridge (if you haven't already). If you're not in the Chrome browser, switch to that (channel bridge currently only supports Chrome).
  2. Go to Settings > Identifier Mapping and click on the Vrbo or Airbnb map. Check to see if the listing numbers are set there. If not, hit the Change Mappings button and enter your listing numbers (just the numbers, nothing else). You only have to do this step the first time (or when adding a new property).
  3. Go to Settings > Channel Bridge and click on the Vrbo or Airbnb channel in the list.
  4. Hit the Push Rates button next to a property which will open up a dialog where you can review the rates to be pushed. If it doesn't show you as logged in to the listing site, it'll give you an option.
  5. Review the rates to make sure they are correct.  Note the "Rate Adjustment" option at the top of the screen - if you wish, you can tell OwnerRez to increase your regular rates by a specified percentage when they are pushed to a channel.  Click the Change button to change this adjustment percentage.
  6. Use the Push Rates button to perform the push.
  7. Occasionally with Vrbo the rate push can fail with a "property not listed" or "csrf token" error. This usually means that the Vrbo site is acting up. First thing to try is to open Vrbo in a separate browser tab and go to the Rate Calendar on Vrbo for the property you're trying to push. If that doesn't work, try again in 30 minutes. If you're still having an error there, contact us and we'll get you sorted.

Channel Bridge cannot push surcharges to Vrbo or Airbnb, just rates.  But, it rolls surcharges into your rates.  So you'll get the money - but it will be displayed in the form of a higher rate on the channel, not as a separate fee.

Discounts that can be rolled into a daily rate (e.g. seasonal discounts) will do that.  Discounts that can't, like length-of-stay discounts, won't be included.