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Update April 26, 2023


  • Airbnb Transaction Sync available via opt-in
  • Integrated Websites API generally available
  • Add Dismissed Alerts history area
  • Don't reactivate listings on Airbnb account reconnect if there's an identical listing already active
  • Fix Team invites from losing property selection upon creation
  • Don't throw a validation error when creating quotes at night in Pacific time zone
  • If a secdep expires or is voided for any other reason, such as card canceled, don't throw an error
  • Add Edit mode to many more grids throughout app
  • Fix caption area on image zoom on ownerreservations.com to not overlap image
  • Clarify Vrbo channel configuration instructions
  • Remove '5-star' from remaining automatic review alert titles and subjects
  • Remove legacy channel fields
  • Switching from a direct processing (raw) Stripe method to non-Stripe method fails to process second payments
  • Validate no direct links in SMS/Airbnb templates
  • Canceled Booking alert email should indicate the actual user who did it
  • Selecting "check" method on change booking does not display in the overview
  • Hosted websites blog index does not render intro or conclusion content
  • Add channel links for more first-class partners
  • Reset option for any hosted website theme header
  • Cleanup v2 API validation behavior and documentation
  • Option to open custom menu links in new tab for hosted websites