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Update August 30, 2023


  • Fix error with Batch Rule Copy for Pets Policy
  • Mark OAuth failing status on Airbnb API integrations when we receive an auth_revoke webhook
  • Check Airbnb account OAuth failure status on property failure
  • Mark Vrbo messages unread before updating warehouses 
  • Remove Vrbo 50 image limit
  • Don't wrap amenity text with <p> when converting plain text to HTML unless more than one paragraph
  • Fix error when trying to view a Review that has no listing site and no booking 
  • Fix issue where Airbnb host fees weren't created when transaction sync was enabled and transaction fee expense was disabled
  • Update DNS Instructions on Hosted Website and Branded Portal
  • Send address along when creating Stripe 3DS2 payment method from Vrbo bookings
  • Fix "Watch this topic"  becoming unchecked if a forum reply is edited
  • Fix Hosted Site Blog paging
  • Add export for OR account billing history
  • Fix deposits that reverse fee amounts (positive to negative) on refund fees which created a wrong total
  • Allow picking blocked dates when creating an inquiry
  • Show live availability in testing tools
  • Fix <p> rendering in WP Plugin short code amenity tooltips