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Update March 22, 2021


  • Honoured user date format for PM statements
  • Legal preview doesn't render temp field code values
  • Fixed Analyze Listing button on single property to navigate to LQA for one property
  • Added option on discount codes to allow combining with other non code discounts
  • Added message on Airbnb listing delete to clarify option
  • Fixed issue where owner "used on" stuff doesn't update after deleting property > owner configuration
  • Fixed Quote & Email button to return to the correct "quoted" location
  • Added support for manually sending SMS triggers and templates on bookings to non-guest numbers
  • Renamed Email tab on booking to Messages because it now has multiple types of communication
  • Added TI restriction to disallow same day TI purchases
  • Added TI restriction to disallow TI purchases for longer than 90 nights
  • Enhanced TI not allowed displays to show exact reason
  • Updated CFAR to new 10.8% rate as of 15 March
  • Removed lat/lng columns on property import and instead geocode if address is new or changed
  • Added property import column for size/area and shared space type
  • On custom field import, ignore empty values
  • Improved import templates with dropdowns for field values
  • Migrated Airbnb messaging threads to new id space
  • Upgraded Air calendar API to their new async batch API
  • Fixed issue with backing out multiple surcharges out of rent for Airbnb
  • Added support for backing discounts out of rent for Airbnb
  • Fixed cancel button on Channel and SMS templates to go to the correct location
  • Fixed issue with misidentifed .carousel bad links in Hosted Websites
  • Changed RA signature process to use property/user timezone on signature date
  • Fixed field code references in themes to use new C fields
  • Added Has Tags and Does Not Have Tags on the filters grids
  • Added links to channel cancellation policies
  • Added support for shift-click selection on Exclude checkboxes on owner statements
  • Changed booking widget to use property/user timezone when calculating availability rules
  • Added LQA for Air secdep amount
  • Added channel bridge grid on booking Channel tab to show all channel bridge operations for that booking
  • Added secdep link for PayPal quotes on booked
  • Included direct link for booking.com in default templates
  • Allowed deleting a previous property owner applicability of no owner
  • Matched numeric ids for Vrbo imports
  • Updated OR logo on Airbnb app/OAuth connection
  • Fixed infinite loop on search where match was found on non alphanumeric value
  • Upgraded Stripe integration to support selecting raw numbers for guests but always allow them internally
  • Upgraded Stripe integration to provide friendly error message when switching between multiple Stripe accounts in tokenized mode
  • Clarified Stripe documentation to remove references to processing unsafely mode because that is now handled inherently by the latest version of the integration
  • Fixed issue with error when manually adding a review
  • Added fallback to Excel numeric OADate value early if it exists, so as to handle day/month order issues in string
  • Added handling for aparthotel room types on air import
  • Clarified message on Airbnb whammy property types
  • Removed autoconversion of <i> to <em> in Tiny which breaks FontAwesome
  • Added PrivateFeedback column to review export
  • Fixed links to channel templates in trigger forecast
  • Allowed deleting an air listing if there's Air bookings but they're not channel linked
  • Fixed issue where monthly rate was shown in rate table even if it didn't match the rule
  • Fix permissions issue when changing from a system listing site to a non-system
  • Fixed issue where correct show exact location setting was not sent to Airbnb
  • Added arrival, departure, booked dates to payment detail export
  • Allowed setting lock codes for manual locks on blocked-off time
  • Allowed setting host/guest fees on booking import even with 0 charges
  • Included number of property in "duplicate mapping" error message
  • Fixed issue where surcharges with the same description were deduplicated
  • Fixed error when running reports for inactive owners or properties