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Data Backups

We understand that the information you collect and store in OwnerRez is extremely sensitive and extremely valuable to you. That's why we've established data backup and retention policies to ensure the reliability and security of our application no matter what happens.

How often is my information backed up?

Your information is backed up nightly by two independent services. Each backup is stored in a separate location as a safeguard to ensure that, even in the event of a catastrophe like a tornado or flood, your information will be safe and your records can be quickly restored.

Am I responsible for credit card info?

Absolutely not. After you process a booking and submit a guest's credit card or bank account details, you will not have anything to do with this information. Credit card and bank account information is stored on private and secure databases, encrypted in transit, and at rest, and conveyed over secure channels to the financial institutions who process the transactions.

OwnerRez has been approved as a secure and reliable online application. We undergo regular PCI audits to ensure we are maintaining secure systems and processes to protect your information.

How long is my data stored in the OwnerRez system after I delete it?

Any information you delete is stored for thirty days and no longer. Should you need your information restored, you must make your request within thirty days of deleting it.